Better telemetry feedback using a TM1638

Wed 14 February 2018 // posts

TL;DR: Installing a DIY telemetry led display on a sim rig.

When Googling for DIY led displays for sim rigs, it's very likely to come across TM1638-based modules. They are cheap, compact modules, work with 5v and are very easy to interface. I am using a pin-less Arduino nano for low profile.

As initially planned, I wanted to mount the display on the steering wheel itself, as such, I looked around for the smallest possible variation.
When I finally got my hands on the module, I started experimenting different mounting locations and immediately guessed I would have issues with the cabling (considering 900ยบ rotation). I guess it's doable but not without some hardware hacking to the wheel and the wheel's base. Something I am not interested in for now...
I ended up using a smartphone universal car mount installed in the wheel's base and it is working very well actually! It is really useful to have an easy to read and visual clue about basic car telemetry when on the track.

On the software side...

I gave SimHub a try and the installation couldn't be simpler! It even takes care of flashing the Arduino!
Software customization is also fantastic (as in, you can choose what telemetry to display on the whole display).

How it looks