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  1. Back from F1 weekend at Monza

    Thu 07 September 2017 // photo

    Arrived from Monza this week, after attending the whole F1 weekend.
    It is a fantastic experience with great cars (F2 insane sound...), massive crowd and the fact that the circuit is inside a gigantic park within Monza city, helps a lot! When walking around the park you can spot part …

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  2. Just a few hours left in Phuket

    Wed 16 August 2017 // photo

    Sadly I only have a few hours left in Phuket before flying back home, however I bring very good memories of this lovely place on Earth - extremely kind people, beautiful weather and landscapes, delicious food.

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  3. Rally de Portugal 2017

    Wed 24 May 2017 // photo

    May. The month of Rally de Portugal. Here are some moments I've captured during the two days I attended this fantastic event.

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