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  1. Going autonomous with a ESP8266

    Tue 11 July 2017 // posts

    As explained in my last post, I moved my indoor greenhouse to the exterior but wanted to keep monitoring temperature and humidity, without relying on wall outlets.
    I started with a 10AH power bank attached to the esp8266 circuit and it lasted a few days before I had to recharge …

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  2. Pushing sensor metrics to Influxdb with ESP8266

    Fri 23 June 2017 // posts

    It is summer time!
    Our weather is great here in Portugal and as such, I am moving the plants I had in a growtent for more than a year, to an exterior greenhouse. I used to actively control most elements inside the growtent such as light, temperature, wind and humidity …

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  3. Replacing Domoticz with a simple python service - tentsensord

    Fri 16 June 2017 // posts

    For more than a year I've used Domoticz with lua scripts to manage my "superhots garden". For me, the scripting ability is Domoticz's most powerful feature. Overall Domoticz is fine and it packs a bunch of features - most of these I wont ever use and for that reason I felt …

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  4. How am I upgrading this server

    Fri 09 June 2017 // posts

    The time has come for me to upgrade the server where I run this blog. It's not that Debian 6 (squeeze) wouldn't serve me well for another 6 years, however, I'm taking this chance to start from scratch by reviewing every service configuration and start using adequate tools for deploying …

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  5. seatmover2d - 2dof seat mover

    Sun 08 January 2017 // posts

    Three years after, I took another step and built another rig. Obviously I planned to improve on the previous and so far, it's mission accomplished! Two of the most noticeable improvements are the feedback system and motion response times.

    Feedback system

    The feedback potentiometers are now directly connected to the …

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  6. Adding an auto watering system to the greenhouse

    Wed 31 August 2016 // posts

    Latest addition to the greenhouse project:

    After digging around the web for auto-watering systems, I've settled for a solution that doesn't rely on electricity, doesn't require much maintenance, is compact and most importantly, waters the plants in a decent manner (doesn't keep them flooded with water).
    It is from AutoPot …

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  7. Creating a smart indoor greenhouse

    Mon 18 January 2016 // posts


    A greenhouse project that I've started where light, watering, air extraction, resistors, fan are controlled automatically based on time of day, temperature & humidity sensors or simply gravity (for soil watering). All of it is connected to an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. The Pi runs controller logic for all …

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  8. Building my own MAME arcade cabinet

    Tue 13 October 2015 // posts

    Today I've finished this project! A classic-looking game cabinet. The project included the design, construction, installation and configuration of all the components. Modesty aside, it's looking awesome! :)

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  9. Open source, helping everywhere

    Tue 28 April 2015 // posts

    Last week I've built a small, 250mm sized, quad copter, using a KK2.1 evo flight controller. One great feature of this FC is the ability to tune flight performance on site, using it's built-in LCD display. It's really helpful, specially when you're learning PID tuning!

    Besides the learning aspect …

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  10. Decorating LEGOs with an Arduino and RaspberryPi

    Tue 27 January 2015 // posts

    The house at the left has 2 floors and each one [floor] has a lamp (LED). Both LEDs are connected to an Arduino and individually controlled with a Raspberry Pi. Right now the program is as follows: when I receive new email both floors light up until I mark every …

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