1. Open source, helping everywhere

    Tue 28 April 2015 // posts

    Last week I've built a small, 250mm sized, quad copter, using a KK2.1 evo flight controller. One great feature of this FC is the ability to tune flight performance on site, using it's built-in LCD display. It's really helpful, specially when you're learning PID tuning!

    Besides the learning aspect …

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  2. Decorating LEGOs with an Arduino and RaspberryPi

    Tue 27 January 2015 // posts

    The house at the left has 2 floors and each one [floor] has a lamp (LED). Both LEDs are connected to an Arduino and individually controlled with a Raspberry Pi. Right now the program is as follows: when I receive new email both floors light up until I mark every …

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  3. Motion Platform stand upgrade

    Sun 02 February 2014 // posts

    One of the missing features of the motion sim I built a few months ago was a monitor stand, for improved ergonomics and immersion. So yesterday I decided to get back to work. As usual I first started by sketching a plan, that quickly went to construction and after some …

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  4. 2-DoF Motion Platform I

    Mon 11 April 2016 // posts

    This project consists in a 2 degrees of freedom automobile simulator, simulating car pitch and roll. The structure is built with iron and steel, the later is used on top structure and at cardan base. A Playseat is installed on top structure. Motion is created by two 12V motors, powered …

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  5. First hours with node.js and socket.io

    Tue 02 July 2013 // posts

    At last I spent some time with node.js, socket.io, and more precisely http push technique (comet). My motivation was just to experiment, see how the actual http pushing works (it gets much clearer when using Wireshark and Chrome dev tools) and what it takes to setup the system …

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  6. Wifi controlled RGB LED bar

    Tue 15 January 2013 // posts

    For this one, a RGB LED bar is controlled wirelessly, with an Arduino. The Arduino does not have to be connected to a host PC since it has a wifi module attached. The module provides a tcp server feature that I use to make a basic http server. I just …

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  7. Aviso importante!

    Mon 03 December 2012 // posts

    Algures num autocarro em Macau, existe o aviso:

    Aviso a Passageiro

    À segurança aos passageiros e pública, os passageiros não podem trazer
    sacos gigantes, material de construção perigosos e substâncias
    inflamáveis para tomar carreiras.  
    Além disso, não carregam grandes flores anuais em laranja, vasos de
    plantas e aves domésticas, vitelas …
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  8. rFactor LED display

    Thu 22 November 2012 // posts

    The idea behind this project was to create a physical display for rFactor simulator that could display game data in real time. In this case, gear and rpm data is displayed.

    How it is built

    • Two 74hc595 shift registers take care of 8 LEDs and a 7 segment display.
    • The …
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  9. Building rFactor plugins with Python using rFactor2Python

    Thu 22 November 2012 // posts

    rFactor2Python is a plugin for rFactor that forwards plugin calls to Python scripts, passing game data as well, making the task of programming rFactor plugins much easier, specially useful for prototyping, since Python is loaded with tons of useful modules ready to use.

    Some of the features and possibilities are …

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