1. My first approach to OpenGL programming with PyMD2Viewer

    Thu 22 December 2011 // posts

    I have a big interest for 3D programming since a long time ago, although I've never done anything about it. Recently I've started researching for tools I could use to start learning about this subject. I've found a neat library, called Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. It's open source, cross …

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  2. Metadata - where to?

    Fri 04 February 2011 // posts

    Time ago I had a tough decision to make, while I was choosing whether to write metadata of thousands of photos to their original files or store that information in a database, leaving the original files intact. After plenty of tests and much head scratching, I chose to write metadata …

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  3. Controlling a bicolor 8x8 LED matrix

    Tue 14 December 2010 // posts

    Days ago I have completed the soldering of a circuit to control a bicolor 8x8 LED matrix. Since then I have been working (very slowly) on the code. It is made up of two components:

    • Arduino code: receives the binary data from serial port, prepares it and shifts it into …

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  4. Triggering Nikon D80's shutter with Arduino

    Tue 14 September 2010 // posts

    Being able to trigger a photo shot programmatically opens up some cool possibilities, especially for time-lapse photography purposes.

    Today I have started reading about infrared communications theory and experimenting a bit, after desoldering an IR LED from an old, old remote controller.

    As this was only a proof that I …

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