First of all, my name is João and I come from Aveiro, Portugal.
I have been working on IT for the last 10 years, initially in a Telco but now you can find me doing ops magic in a software house around beautiful Porto :)
Reading about how things work, building stuff & breaking it apart is something I spend a great amount of time at...there is something fascinating about doing this that I absolutely love!
Every now and then I do my best to consolidate knowledge into personal projects. As a matter of fact, the most satisfying projects I have worked on are the ones where I blend multiple areas of interest, such as programming, automation, electronics, sim-racing, music, photography. The list goes on.

More precisely, ...

love coding
long time Linux and open source enthusiast
strong interest in automation and distributed services
listen to a lot of music (and mess around with midi devices)
go on trips with a camera in the bag
chili lover & grower
play video games, specially sim-racing and military RTS
mess around with micro controllers and build gadgets
cruise on longboards and try to snowboard more often