Including Piwigo media in WordPress posts and pages using PiwigoMedia

Sun 03 June 2012 // posts

PiwigoMedia is a Wordpress plugin that allows integration between Piwigo sites and WP.
Media content from a Piwigo site can be attached to Wordpress posts and pages without unnecessary duplication of content.


PiwigoMedia WordPress plugin features integration between Piwigo sites and Wordpress, using the TinyMCE editor.

The main advantages of PiwigoMedia are:

  • Simplicity. Simple to use and configure
  • No duplicated media. Images are linked from Piwigo's site, nothing is imported into WordPress
  • Independency. WordPress and Piwigo don't have to be installed on the same server since PiwigoMedia uses Piwigo's webapi


  1. Unpack PiwigoMedia's zip file inside /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Configure PiwigoMedia. Go to 'Settings/PiwigoMedia' page in WordPress administration.
  4. Access PiwigoMedia functionality using Wordpress' wysiwyg editor

How to use shortcodes?

pwg-image - display a single image:

[pwg-image site="//..." id="IMAGE_ID"]

pwg-category - display any number of images from a category:

[pwg-category site="//..." id="CATEGORY_ID" images="NUMBER_OF_IMAGES_TO_DISPLAY" page="PAGE_INDEX"]

pwg-gallery - display Piwigo categories as inline galleries:

[pwg-gallery site="//..." id="CATEGORY_ID" images="NUMBER_OF_IMAGES_TO_DISPLAY" page="PAGE_INDEX" height="GALLERY_HEIGHT"]

Which versions of Piwigo are supported?

Since PiwigoMedia v1.9.0 only Piwigo v2.0 and upper were tested.


= 1.9.0 =
* new: Major rewrite. PiwigoMedia now uses AngularJS and Bootstrap.
* update: UI completely changed. Cleaner and more responsive interface.
* updated: pot file was updated with new strings.
* updated: it is now possible to make a selection from multiple Piwigo sites.
* updated: shortcodes but pwm_gallery are working again.

= 1.1.4 =
* update: fixed a nasty bug in pagination/navigation.

= 1.1.3 =
* update: added Piwigo 2.6.1 compatibility.
* update: UI bugs fixed.
* update: more feedback messages when something goes wrong.

= 1.1.2 =
* update: Fixed full image urls.
* update: Disabled PiwigoMedia's Widget as it was causing issues on some installations.
* update: pwg-gallery shortcode now has links to xxlarge image and image name is displayed in info box.

= 1.1.1 =
* new: pwg-gallery shortcode. This shortcode uses Galleria JS library (// to display Piwigo categories as inline galleries.
* update: curl requests are now configured to bypass peer verification. This solves the problem with self-signed certificates.

= 1.1.0 =
* new: WP shortcodes are now available: pwg-image and pwg-category.
* new: PiwigoMedia Widget. Display Piwigo images inside a widget. This is an EXPERIMENTAL feature and it's very basic at the moment.

= 1.0.1 =
* update: fix to pwm_curl_get(). Some users were experiencing problems with the query built inside this function.
* update: permission check now relies on the user being logged on.

= 1.0.0 =
* Major update: Most of the plugin's core has been rewritten to use jQuery.
* new: it is now possible to make image selections from multiple pages from the same category.
* update: string "Loading..." added to pot file.

= 0.9.9 =
* update: compatibility with Piwigo 2.4.3
* update: updated JS code to make it work with IE8 (but needs more testing).
* update: "Thumbnail" and "Insert:" were missing in POT.
* update: better security checks in popup.php.
* new: French (fr_FR) translation (Dimitri Robert).

= 0.9.8 =
* new: option to insert full images.
* update: Deutsch (de_DE), Swedish (sv_SE) and Italian (it_IT) translations added (thanks to their authors!).

= 0.9.7 =
* update: Turkish (tr) and Hungarian (hu_HU) translations are up-to-date (thanks to original authors).

= 0.9.6 =
* new: support for multiple Piwigo sites.
* new: new text added. translations need update (hu_HU, tr).
* update: improved UI.
* update: POT file updated.

= 0.9.2 =
* new: Hungarian (hu_HU) translation added (thanks to samli).
* new: Portuguese (pt_PT) translation added (thanks to me ;-p).

= 0.9.1 =
* new: Turkish translation added (thanks to Nakre).
* update: POT file updated.
* update: removed "Web service script" configuration (ws.php is always used).

= 0.9 =
* new: i18n support added.
* new: POT template for translators.
* update: reorganization of tinymce/.
* update: unused files cleaned.
* update: user capabilities checks added to popup.

= 0.8 =
* update: UI updated (a little more compact)
* update: code cleanup
* new: initial error handling.
* new: Piwigo Webservice URL setting has been split into two fields: Piwigo URL + Web service script

= 0.7 =
* Better navigation, using breadcrumb for Categories and pages numbers for Images
* Small improvements to javascript
* Little cleaner code
* New name (PiwigoMedia) and new icon for TinyMCE UI

= 0.6 =
* Reasonable stable version. This is the first import into WordPress SVN.

Download latest PiwigoMedia version here.