Reading Assetto Corsa UDP telemetry with Python

Sat 30 July 2016 // posts

ACUDPClient is a Python module used to communicate with an Assetto Corsa dedicated server. Using its UDP protocol, real time telemetry, lap timings and session information is pushed to the client.
A few actions, like sending/broadcasting messages are also available.

git and documentation:


$ python install


$ pip install acudpclient

(virtualenv is recommended)


$ nosetests

Capturing real data for testing purposes

  1. Start the ACServer with UDP active.

  2. Capture the data using tcpdump:

$ tcpdump -w /tmp/ac_out.pcap -s0 -i lo -n udp dst port 10000
  1. Extract all udp payload from the pcap file:
$ tshark -r /tmp/ac_out.pcap -T fields -e data | tr -d '\n' | perl -pe 's/([0-9a-f]{2})/chr hex $1/gie' > /tmp/ac_out
  1. /tmp/ac_out contains binary data sent by ACServer.


The client should be initialized like this:

from acudpclient.client import ACUDPClient

client = ACUDPClient(port=10000, remote_port=10001, host='')
  • remote_port and host are used to send data to the AC server
  • listen() will bind the server socket to port.

Server events can be handled directly or by event subscribers. In both cases, get_next_event() method must be invoked in the application's main loop.

When handling events directly, a call to get_next_event() might return None, meaning there's no event available at that point (the internal ACUDPClient socket is non-blocking).

When creating a subscriber class, specific events can be handled by creating methods with the following naming scheme on_<event_type>(self, event) where event_type is any of the types found in acudpclient.protocol.ACUDPConst class (see Usage).

Events passed to on_<event_type>(self, event) are dictionaries containing different keys depending on the event's type. Refer to acudpclient.client import ACUDPClient to see which keys are available per event type.


Handle events directly:

from acudpclient.client import ACUDPClient

client = ACUDPClient(port=10000, remote_port=10001)


while True:
  event = client.get_next_event(call_subscribers=False)
  print event

Handle events with a subscriber:

from acudpclient.client import ACUDPClient

class ACEventHandler(object):
  def on_ACSP_LAP_COMPLETED(self, event):
    print event

  def on_ACSP_NEW_SESSION(self, event):
    print event

  def on_ACSP_NEW_CONNECTION(self, event):
    print event

handler = ACEventHandler()
client = ACUDPClient(port=10000, remote_port=10001)

while True: