Replacing Domoticz with a simple python service - tentsensord

Fri 16 June 2017 // posts

For more than a year I've used Domoticz with lua scripts to manage my "superhots garden". For me, the scripting ability is Domoticz's most powerful feature. Overall Domoticz is fine and it packs a bunch of features - most of these I wont ever use and for that reason I felt I was cluttering the Raspbian installation.

Communication between the host and the sensor hub (an Arduino) is simplified using MySensors. Nothing new, but recently I found a neat python library that implements MS protocol so I decided to build a little POC with this library. It worked flawlessly, so I invested a bit more time to port all the features I need to a python service.
The result is tentsensord (github). A service with attachable logic, talks MS, is able to push metrics to influxdb and runs a REST-ish HTTP API.

Just for curiosity, here is a recent shot from Grafana