seatmover2d - 2dof seat mover

Sun 08 January 2017 // posts

Three years after, I took another step and built another rig. Obviously I planned to improve on the previous and so far, it's mission accomplished! Two of the most noticeable improvements are the feedback system and motion response times.

Feedback system

The feedback potentiometers are now directly connected to the motor output, giving 1:1 readings, meaning nearly full ADC range, compared to the previous, ~1/3 range, this is a huge upgrade in terms of motion detail.

Motion response

Motion response times decreased a lot due to the position where the motor rods now connect to the seat. At shoulders level, away from the weight of the structure and driver, meaning that the motors have to move significantly less weight. The top structure weight has also reduced since this is a seat mover, not a complete playseat mover (this can sound odd, especially because the pedals stay fixed, while the driver moves, but it is quite comfortable actually).

Further improvements

Other improvements include

  • seat is closer to ground, making it easier for entering/exiting, at the same time, providing a better race feel
  • lateral gear shift holder, adjustable
  • modular structure, easier for transportation
  • custom built motor bases, improved symmetry
  • painted and looking better
  • cardan is now mounted with bolts, allowing tiny adjustments to achieve structure symmetry
  • cermet potentiometers - theorically these are way better than the plastic ones but honestly I’m not feeling an improvement, and one broke already - this is not bad, actually, because the cermet pots are way more expensive ;P
  • smaller monitor stand

All the electronics and some mechanical parts were harvested from the previous platform, including the truck wiper 12V/24V motors - this helped to keep the budget not too high :)

I recently switched to SimTools due to X-Sim being more resource hungry and so far it has been a great experience. Especially with Dirt Rally! Dirt, coupled with Oculus Rift and motion, is one of the best experiences so far. Assetto Corsa was always amazing and rFactor2 is a legend lacking VR support at the moment.

Assembly & Electronics & Mechanics & Painting:

Parts list

  • 2x DC Motors SWF VALEO NIDEC ITT 404.458 24V
  • 1x Arduino + Monster Moto Shield
  • 1x Modded PSU - HP DPS 600PB
  • 4x M10 Female Thread Rod End Joint Bearing
  • 2x M10 threaded rod
  • 1x PlaySeat Revolution (the structure can be easily adapted for other bucket seats)
  • 1x car/truck cardan
  • steel tubes
  • 3mm steel plate (500mm x 500mm is more than enough)
  • 1x 16A quick circuit breaker
  • 2x 10A fuses + fuse box
  • 2x M3 threaded rods
  • 2x 6mm rod joint units
  • 2x potentiometers with 6mm round shaft (usually cermet types are better)
  • < 14 AWG eletric wire
  • A few M10, M8, M6 bolts, washers & nuts

SimTools settings

Arduino firmware